“If I won a million dollars tomorrow, I would still wake up and draw the next day.”
– Will Terry

Hiya! I am an artist and illustrator living in Western New York. The mountains, rivers, and forests here are a constant inspiration for me.  When I’m not working on a project, I like to bake, paint, and garden like a crazy person. Seriously – I go overboard every year with flowers, but why not? 


I have recently illustrated my second book, Marvin the Moose by David Strauss, and am currently working on two more. I have dreams of writing and illustrating my own story one day! 

Artist, Illustrator, Gardener, Nerd.

I offer illustration, layout, formatting, self-publishing support, and design services for aspiring authors. I specialize in whimsical, watercolor animal and nature scenes.

*SCBWI member